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Compose Forums

Discussion forums for composers, arrangers and music theorists of all kinds, from the aspiring wannabe to the retired pro.

Finale Forums Support forum for Finale and other MakeMusic software.
Northern Sound Source Support forum for Garritan Libraries, SampleTekk, Westgate Studios, BelaD Media etc. Lots of things going on, cool tips, helpful advices and inspiration.
v.i. control Discussions, mutual help and inspiration for composers and users of sample libraries. And a must for Kontakt 2 programmers.




Music notation software from MakeMusic! With it's cutting edge engraver functionality and high quality playback through GPO, music notation today doesn't get better.

  Kontakt 2 A superb sampler from Native Instruments. Its scripting features makes it the leader of the pack.
  KScript Editor A magnficent script editor for Kontakt 2 scripts created by Nils Liberg.

KSP_Math Library

An indispensable mathematics library written in the KScript Editor language.

  Sonar Sequencer for the PC platform. Sine qua non.


Sample Libraries

  Garritan.Personal Orchestra When I made the recordings on this site I used samples from Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO), one of the best sample libraries for western art music. GPO is revolutionizing sample music with it's expressive and easy-to-use design.
  SampleTekk Piano Libraries galore. Among the very best. Home of 7 Seas Grand, The Big One, Black Grand and others. Lovingly and skillfully fathered by Per "Worra" Larsson.
  Westgate Studios Developer of the Modular Series. High quality orchestral library at a reasonable  price.

Web hosting

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