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Pro Musika Virtual Instruments are created with maximum playability and expressiveness in mind. They are instruments for musicians, not programmers.

They are built upon 3rd party samples from Westgate Studios' Modular Series or Vienna Symphonic Library and programmed for Kontakt 2.2.3 from Native Instruments. To use these instruments, you need to purchase the corresponding samples from Westgate Studios or VSL and Kontakt 2.2.3 (or newer) from NI.

I am basically creating these instruments for my own use, but see no reason not to share them with others. As long as they are beta versions they are free-ware. Nevertheless, should you wish to make a donation to help with further development, click the Donate button.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Nils Liberg for providing the magnificent KScript Editor and to Robert "Big Bob" Villwock for providing the indispensable KSP_Math Library.

12. november 2007

Flutes available. Uses samples from Westgate Studios Flutes Module.

11. november 2007

New improved version of the Oboe + English Horn. Performance has been greatly improved and a new technique (Fluttertongue) added.

14. september 2007

Basic description of the instrument added to WS Oboes page.

13. september 2007

The first instrument in the Pro Musika Series to be launched is the Oboe. It is yet just the basic instrument with attack, legato and vibrato control and, although fairly stable, not to be considered bug free. Use it at your own discretion. At this point it is also undocumented, apart from a Keyswitch map.


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